How to Order

How to Order

Email all custom shoe inquiries and design interests to or complete the form on the Contact page.

  • Orders will only be placed upon email confirmation from Nick Livingston Designs LLC.
  • All shoes that are to be customized must be new or rarely worn to ensure the highest quality customization.
  • Price and duration of customization is dependent upon desired design complexity and will be determined case-by-case. Customers will be issued both, a price estimate, and an invoice for payment.
  • Shoes will be returned to the customer once Nick Livingston Designs LLC has received confirmation of invoice payment (via Paypal or credit card).

Terms & Conditions


Customers will be responsible for all shipping costs for orders that require shipping to and from Nick Livingston Designs LLC.

Return Policy

All custom shoe orders/sales are final upon payment to Nick Livingston Designs LLC. No returns will be accepted and no refunds will be issued.


Customized shoes from Nick Livingston Designs LLC are pieces of art, with sneakers/shoes as the canvas. All precautions will be taken to maximize durability for when the shoes are worn. Designs will wear as the shoes are used and the lifespan of the design will be dependent upon the owner’s care.

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